Saturday, October 20, 2007


Sometimes I pray for silence, and sometimes I pray for forgiveness
Sometimes I pray that I was never there as your blood chalice
Somewhere you'll always revive, and somewhere you'll always rejoice
Somewhere for all these feelings of unworthiness harness a choice

I've lurked in your shadows for time compensation is not a choice
Seen you dance with wolves for the throne of lust with filth and noise
As long as the desire burning within these veins are true
I'll ease that mourning and that’s a promise I can keep only for you

Look at me with eyes like asphodel
Unveil thy flesh as a whore this night embarks us
With Asmodeus as guidance and Hades as light
Much blood shall be shed for this climax to exhale its claws tight

Sometimes I pray for fire, and sometimes I pray for ice
Sometimes I pray for times i never had a though for that demise
Somewhere you'll always reign, and somewhere you'll always die
Somewhere all your souls will be burnt in snow and ice when you ask me why...

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Salvation of blood mist

Though the almighty god has put forth a period of time for humans to indulge in all of the good side, it keeps the sinners as what they are, sinful acts are more common to human trend than an act of good, thy heart compromises for thee, as i unfurl my wings, my wicked side has vanished and the thought never occurred as if demonia has been vanquished.

O'... but don't leave me yet, i will soon feel the loneliness, no soul has yet matched the rivalry of thee, no human has touched these lips with atrocity as thee... its cold, snow seems as heat for this heart of ice, and yet no one came to satisfy thy commands, but remember that one shall be granted the fruit of essence, and that shall bear the chalice of lunar blood. Hail thy immortal.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Sinners is all i see these days, whilst thy did not make of it, they regret will regret it sooner or later... I am hatred, darkness and despair...

Friday, July 13, 2007

Embrace Me

I am tired of masquerading as this societies happy citizen, while inside me all is in vain, as I look up the sky I wonder what future has in store for me. "Almighty creator of the seventh heaven alongside the seventh hell, why do i feel this torment everyday, why do I feel this partial insanity... is this my test?" maybe I am not worthy of thy praise, maybe I am just a... mournful euphony...

I lay to sleep but darkness enshrouds the sky, my vision swirling the shadows, inviting pain and vain into this malignant heart, I feel as if theres a seventh sense developing inside me with a life of its own, it calls itself empty. An eerie hand crawls up my nerve consuming its way through my spinal circuitry, nothing new for me, as it has always been from childhood to present, every moment... in despair...

Maybe thy shall not understand such ramblings, I am not surprised as it has always been the case with my thought patterns, but with an eternity of inner warfare this is in logic of understanding... I hope. Negativity is the only ally I know of while the demons of overture consumes me little by little everyday, they come to feed on my happy place, but no more, as my place of happiness has already be consumed of, now there is nothing more to feed on, I feel so undead, and darkness seems to be my bride, with Venus as my guide, nothing stands in my way to obstruct the mere urges of mortals called... feelings.

Come now... my bride, to the never ending nocturnal tales deep as an abyss... likewise this heart

Saturday, July 7, 2007


I dream of thee, and yet shalt not I kneel,
for my place in history as Achilles Heel,
A black goddess shall rise above thee,
Wander bout thy lust, my Aphrodite,

In the light of dawn i shalt be free,

Fulfill thy destiny, shall I be,
Of servants and kings be,
My blood will they not flee,

As long as stood by thee,
blood bathory of thy tree,
I shall attain thee,
With myth and might you shall see...

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

My Beloved... Prepare To Die

I advise that the following article is of no interest for mortal minds...

Its been a while since I have wandered lost in the pages of so called blog world, yet I find it interestingly coincidental that many of the articles and literatures are about Love or the loss of Love. It seems only natural that humans have such feeble emotions, to the extent they will shed blood for it. I believe Love brings nothing but despair and grief and for that reason only shall I seek it. The bright picture you drew in the back of your mind is nothing but a monochromatic craving, there is nothing such as a happy life, there is only the opposite. Open your eyes to the new misanthropia of delusion... it's wicked and it came to stay. That is all the advice for the "Loved".

Not long ago someone said to me, "Love is the strongest force... ever" and yet I wonder is it? If yes be thy answer, why are so many of your mortal kins suffering from this so called strong force, believe me, it is nothing but a dream that will haunt you until a nightmare, there is no such thing, only pain and despair follows... There are no soul mates, only a mate who will tear your veins apart and then thee will feed on it.

You may wonder why I have been bred of these ideas, you might never know because it is the path I chose as in oblivion to infinity. I never expect any being to either embrace nor reject my thought patterns. But... Oh what beauty is in the eyes of the despaired, the malice is pure and stale, I have seen the Loved torn between wrath and grief, loathing life countless times, and before you know it they are back to being Loved, Such foolish acts cannot be tolerated anymore.

I shall now take my leave with hope for a darker tomorrow, only grief is beauty, and it may not be you... beloved.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Midnight Dithyramb - Chapter II

In this chapter, a continuation of the previous chapter where we have met some of the dominant forces of belief to some and folklore to others, as we endure our journey again amidst the valley of Mythologies, but remember there is a thin line between evil and good as with sane and insane... now let us continue...

Vampire Hunters or Vampire Slayers, are as what they literally mean, simply put hunters of vampires, werewolves or the undead for a profit, which infact has some realism in it. Many believers of Vampires, Werewolves and other nocturnal manifests have tried to hunt down the undead in many cases, most common in the European region. But Vampire Hunters have also captured a lot of interest by media and as of such, many of the names we are common with includes; Van Helsing, Alucard, Blade, Buffy, Angel, Vampire Hunter D, Vampire Kronos and so much more..., it seems that Vampire Hunters are much appreciated in the common norm than the belief of Vampires.

Witch doctor, is someone who is against scientific medicine trying to heal mortal wounds by means of magic or other such means. Witch doctors are believed to be still around this era in quite a number. Though in some beliefs Witch doctors exist in only folklore it has some realism to it, even in this region a large number of people believe in Witch doctors. A person whom a Witch doctor is treated is believed to be having a change of his personality in a short scale to nin amount.

Seid is a person who practices sorcery, said to be practiced by Pre-Christian Norse, as the term Seid is also of old Norse term. It is believed that Seid mainly consists of women but on rare occasions men were said to be involved. Women wearing black cloaks and a staff in one hand has captured the visions of may spectators while it being Seid many do not know what it has been.
The fact remains that women has also shared their fair share in myth, might and magic.

note: reference has been done from wikipedia.